About HKIA


To make professional audiological assessments and rehabilitation services accessible by the local population.


  • To maintain professional standards of audiology services in Hong Kong;
  • To safeguard the public interests in accessing audiology services in Hong Kong;
  • To maintain adequate standards of professional practice for audiologists;
  • To promote adequate standards of professional practice and of professional conduct among accredited audiologists;
  • To maintain the register of accredited audiologists in Hong Kong;
  • To establish and maintain contact with other members of audiology profession in Hong Kong


We are grateful to have the logo of the Hong Kong Institute of Audiologists Limited (HKIA) designed by Dr CHANG Wai Tsz, a specialist in otorhinolaryngology, as well as a talented artist and Chinese calligrapher. The logo depicts the two Chinese characters for “listen” or “hear” (聽) and “ability” (力) which, when combined together, also mean “audiology” in Chinese. There is a drawing of the spiral structure of cochlea, vestibule, and 3 semicircular canals embedded. The cochlea contributes mainly to one’s hearing function, and the 3 semicircular canals contribute to one’s balance function. This logo symbolises that audiologists, the registrants of the HKIA, are serving the community through prevention, identification, assessment, and rehabilitation of hearing, auditory function, balance, and other related systems.

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