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is the study of the auditory system, including the hearing and balance functions. It covers auditory function, balance and other related systems, as well as the prevention, identification, assessment and rehabilitation of hearing. Audiology services include hearing test, public education on hearing protection, assessment and rehabilitation of balance functions and tinnitus, prescription and fitting of hearing assistive devices, etc.



Technical Competence 專業能力

The technical competence required of audiologists are the abilities to –

  • perform audiological identification, assessment and diagnosis, treatment, hearing conservation, intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring and research, 
  • with functional, properly calibrated, and well-maintained equipment, or appropriate product(s),
  • to promote healthy hearing, communication competency, and quality of life for persons of all ages.

聽力學家所須的專業能力包括 –

  • 運用功能合適、經適當校準、妥善保養的儀器、或適當的設備,
  • 進行聽力學檢查、評估和診斷、治療、聽力保護、手術神經生理監測、研究等,
  • 以促進不同年齡人士的聽力健康、溝通能力、及生活質素。

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