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The unique knowledge, skills and roles of audiologists in Hong Kong in the vast healthcare arena can be described as –

  • Audiologists in Hong Kong assess hearing and auditory function, vestibular (balance) function, tinnitus, auditory processing function, and neural function. Audiologists can do this by performing diagnostic tests, including advanced tests using electrophysiological methods.
  • Audiologists also advocate for the prevention of these disorders.
  • Audiologists provide aural, vestibular (balance) and tinnitus (re)habilitation, as well as communication training. They can provide a range of (re)habilitation services including counselling, recommendation and fitting of devices / aids (e.g. hearing aids; hearing assistive technology; bone conduction aids; earplugs (custom noise/swim/musician plugs); FM and other remote sensing systems).
  • Audiologists have knowledge of implantable devices (e.g. cochlear implants, middle ear implantable hearing aids, fully implantable hearing aids, bone anchored hearing aids) and collaborate with other professionals in their applications in (re)habilitation.
  • Audiologists in Hong Kong work with clients of all ages – from neonates to older adults – and clients with complex needs.

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